Senior Club News


To all BFC players, members, supporters & sponsors.

Due to the various COVID-19 restrictions that have been in place over the past 6 months, we were getting feedback that it was difficult to sell raffle tickets in person (which has been evident with the poor numbers of ticket books and monies coming back to the Club), and that more time was required to sell tickets if, and when, the restrictions were eased. It was also going to be problematic doing the draw on September 13 when stage 4 restrictions were going to be in place.

So the Club decided to seek approval from the VCGLR to extend our draw date to Sunday, November 15, with the winners to be published on our website on November 18 – this was approved on August 13.

I’m sure you all appreciate that the Club needs to maximise the return from it’s main fundraiser for the year, and this was a pretty reasonable thing to do in the circumstances.

Thanking you for your patience and for supporting the club – and good luck in the draw to all those that have bought tickets!

Mike McCoy
0419 879808