As the countdown starts to the football season, so too for the Auskick season for the younger girls and boys aged 5 or turning 5 at the local Auskick Centres.

Blackburn Football Club is pleased to have good relations with three local Centres:

  • Blackburn & Laburnum which run sessions at Kalang Park.


From these Centres, many of the girls and boys come to BFC to commence their junior football careers.

We encourage all junior players – boys and girls – to continue at Auskick, even when they are playing junior football, to get more touches of the football, improve their skills and teamwork and, as they get older, to encourage and assist the younger kids.

After the Term 2 school term commences, the Auskick season kicks off.

No football experience for the children or parents is necessary. The children are taught the basic skills of kicking, hand balling, marking and bouncing in a safe and friendly environment where they are put through a number of activities and football drills.

What’s more, the parents get to join in by assisting with the activities and drills. The volunteer Centre Co-ordinators, Coaches and Assistant Coaches need parental help to ensure all children can participate to the fullest extent possible. Sessions run for an hour-and- a-half.

To register, go to and follow the simple registration and payment process.

For any enquiries, you can call any of the following: